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Title: Being reminded of how fun this system still is
Post by: Androsynth on November 20, 2019, 05:18:39 PM
So, I moved up the the Pacific NW about six years ago. Met the woman who would become my wife, and it's been a great ride ever since. What I have NOT had however, is space, seeing that it was the two of us crammed into a couple of tiny apartments. Storage units were used. Good things were left lingering in boxes (don't worry, we unpacked the cat). 

Long story short, we finally found a house to rent and we both ended up with a hobby room. I was finally able to set up my entire game collection, and find all the bits and baubles in storage for the TG-16/PCE stuff to make the blinkinlights do stuff what when ya hit the power switch onna front. Fwoosh! Devil's magic (crush is better).

Aaaaaand my weekend proceeded to get derailed in an unending stream of 'omg, I forgot how much this game rocks!!!' R-Type, Raiden, Ninja Spirit, Dungeon Explorer, Download, the Soldier games, Image Fight, Xevious and on and on. All of them are just so much fun, and I'd forgotten how much I love this console. Back in the day, I bounced between the TG-16, Genesis and Neo Geo pretty much every week, but the TG-16 was my secret favorite, mainly due to the fact that I am a big shmup fan.

Now, suddenly, I find myself doing the same again. Hell, these games even edged out several hours I could have been playing Fallen Order on the Xbox. And that game kicks ass.

So yeah. Great console, looking forward to diving back in and chewing the fat here. Sadly, my Duo-R CD drive stopped working (no idea what the status of fixing these is, did anyone make an SD card interface for CDs yet?), as did my TurboExpress (just needs caps), but otherwise it's been smooth sailing.

I think I recognize some of you from the old pcenginefx forums awhile back, I used to be pretty active over there (different handle, Lord Thag maybe).

Good to see the community is still around going strong!
Title: Re: Being reminded of how fun this system still is
Post by: Necromancer on November 20, 2019, 05:29:53 PM
Heyo!  You like Xevious?!?  I'm not alone!

There's an SD card add-on thing for a coregrafx but nothing to replace a physical CD drive yet.  Thankfully there's good guys doing top notch repairs (Keith and chops and maybe more) and they can fix damn near any issue.
Title: Re: Being reminded of how fun this system still is
Post by: Androsynth on November 20, 2019, 05:48:35 PM
Hell yeah, I love Fardraut Saga! One of my favorite games. Used to get in arguments with Nectaris over at pcenginefx about it's merits on a weekly basis  :lol:

It's a more deliberately paced shooter, a bit more strategic, but I love the random enemy waves (similar to Zanac) which make for good replayability. The PCE version updates just enough stuff to make it a dequel without spoiling what made the original fun.

I'll have to look into the repair services for the Duo. My entire CD library is basically coaster material at the moment. Best bet would probably be to get a working Everdrive (mine is bad) and see if I can find the hacked Sys 3.01 rom. Never could get the patch to work. Sadly, I only have the pack in Sys 1 card that came with the Turbo CD unit. That works, but it won't play anything.

Title: Re: Being reminded of how fun this system still is
Post by: Gypsy on November 20, 2019, 06:56:54 PM
Contact Keith Courage on here about the repair. His rates are very reasonable and he does good work.