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Who's still playing their Wii?

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I haven't used my Wii in forever.

In fact, we bought a new entertainment center, and I left my PS3 and 360 still hooked up, but actually opted to pack up the wii as I never use it.

Anyone else in this boat?

I bought a wii not long after its launch... I wore that thing out the first year or so, but nowadays... its been probably 6 months since I fired it up and that was to play a gamecube game...

I still fire up it up for multiplayer Smash Bros action when friends are around but sadly no other games.

Mine has certainly been collecting some dust. Last game I played was donkey kong country. Don't go packing it up so prematurely though. There is a new Zelda game coming out this month!

Skyward Sword is in two weeks.

That is all...


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