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simple game idea
« on: April 27, 2012, 03:28:06 AM »
Ok, this is probably going to sound silly, because I know most people are very busy - too busy to be embarking on mini-projects on a whim, but I'll give it a crack.  I mentioned playing TMNT, and my friend made a quip about Trevor McDonald's Newsreading Tournament, and it tickled me.  Trevor McDolad is a famous BBC news anchor in the UK BTW, here he is:

So I got to thinking - what would Trevor McDonald's Newsreading Tournament be like?

My idea is a simple button bashing affair, where you have to pound I and II as fast as you can, Shooting Watch style, to complete news bulletins as fast as possible.  I figure we get some ridiculous and funny news stories copy pasta style, and the faster you bash, the faster the text is displayed, with a timer in the corner.  And accompanying the text, there's a big picture of Mr McDonald with his lips moving in sync with the button presses, and maybe features like bulging eyes or foaming mouth when you reach a certain speed.  A bit like Bonk when he gets hit for the eyes.

Anyone fancy taking up this project?  I  figure it would be pretty simple.

*edit* also I figure we could do a kickstarter to cover development costs - maybe $5 for snacks?
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Re: simple game idea
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That idea is simply brilliant. You should also have to tap RUN every now and again to take a sip of water.

Maybe someone can also make my dream game: 'Tom Jones vs the Oompa Loompas.'
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