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Updated: 10/15/2016!

The Demo Shots:

The Introduction:

   I got the idea for this program some time after working on my translation
   project for "Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys" and releasing the first patch. It was
   based on many factors, one of them being that a project member was planning
   on creating English dubs for the Japanese audio tracks used in the game. Now
   to replace those audio tracks with English replacements, one would need to
   rip their Ys IV disc in a special way. The required image format is what's
   referred to as ISO/WAV/CUE. In this format, unlike formats such as CDRWIN's
   BIN/CUE, Nero's NRG, or Alcohol 120%'s MDS, etc., every track file is ripped
   to a separate file when dealing with a mixed mode CD (which is what all
   PC Engine/TG-16 CDs are). This has many advantages, since audio tracks are
   ripped to wave files, they can individually be compressed by special audio
   compression programs to greatly reduce the storage space required.

   So anyway, the purpose of this program is to rip/extract any PC Engine/TG-16
   CD-ROM that you might have directly into an ISO/WAV/CUE image format. It
   will guarantee the same size of every track file across all CD-ROM devices
   because it will enforce the PRE/POST-GAP rules for transitions between track
   types, something even GoldenHawk's CDRWIN program will not do, nor any other
   professional software of that nature. I wanted a perfect extraction of every
   track so every ISO and WAV file will come out to be the same size on every
   machine out there. So eliminating size inconsistencies in ripping results is
   another reason why I felt this program needed to exist.

   While this program is intended for use with PC Engine/TG-16 discs, it can
   also detect and rip MODE2/2352 discs such as CD-I/PlayStation ones. So it is
   a general purpose command-line ripping program for various discs. But here's
   the neat thing that makes it unique to PC Engine/TG-16 discs: This program
   is compiled with a TOC Database of all PC Engine/TG-16 discs, so when you
   insert an original PC Engine/TG-16 disc, it'll detect and verify its
   authenticity and use the default title stored within to name the track
   files. You'll see what I mean after you try the program and it correctly
   names the image based on the disc you inserted.

   So, what else can TurboRip do for you? It can produce an ISO/MP3 image
   archive that is ready for use on Sony's PSP portable system with the PCEP
   emulator or even X-BOX's Hugo-X emulator. If you have an audio CD, you can
   just use the /mp3 parameter, set the bitrate and a few other controls, and
   it'll rip just audio tracks. It should be faster than anything commercial
   software has to offer for audio extraction to boot! I also added support for
   the Monkey's Audio codec for lossless image backups too. If the initial
   release of this application is well received by the community, I will add
   support for more audio codecs such as OGG, and possibly FLAC.

   Well, good luck, and do lemme know how this program works out for you!

   - NightWolve

The Features/Change Log (really):

Version 1.40 (8/8/2015):

 + Uses the Native NT SCSI Library for NT/2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10 platforms! No more
   dependency on an ASPI DLL and none of the problems associated with it!!!

 + Certified, tested, approved for use all the way back to Windows 98SE for the
   "retro" in you, as well as all the way to the present with the new arrival
   of Windows 10!!!! Even I find it hard to believe it works in all of them!!!

 + Improved skipping of unreadable data sectors near postgap area transition.
   If you had trouble reading some PC Engine/TG-16 discs, this should help.

 + Major Command Prompt interface enhancement: TurboRip can now be fully run by
   double-clicking it anywhere in Windows Explorer! The user no longer has to
   first open a Command Prompt window and then CD to the folder where it is
   located in order to enter parameters! User will be prompted for parameters
   if none were detected when TurboRip is executed/double-clicked!! A troll on
   the Ancient Land of Ys forums once barked, "How do you use this F#!K1NG!
   PROGRAM?!?!?!?!" having never encountered command-line programs before and
   not knowing how to first open a Command Prompt before using it... Short of
   a future Windows GUI version, this enhancement solves that issue! Of course
   you can't fix stupid nor those who couldn't bother to read instructions...

 + By request, the TOC CD-ROM data of NEC PC-FX videogames (50 out of 80) were
   added to coincide with the release of the "Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar" English
   fan translation patch on 8/8/2015!! Only games such as Zeroigar (a shooter)
   were added that "OBEY" the standard mixed-mode CD-ROM rules which can
   accurately be ripped by TurboRip (The next version will have all 80!).

 + Added CD-TEXT support! Some music audio discs can have track file names and
   other info such as artist, composer, genre, etc. burned into the "Lead-in"
   area of the disc. Unfortunately, it's rare to find discs using this feature
   because it arrived towards the end of the CD format's life, but I thought
   I'd add support for it nonetheless! You still have CDDB of course. (You can
   think of this feature as CDDB BTW, but that the album data/info is actually
   burned into the disc so you don't need a program to do a CDDB look-up over
   the Internet to obtain it.)

 + Added CD-EXTRA support! If your music audio disc carries an "Enhanced CD"
   label, then it's really a multi-session disc that comes in three possible
   forms, both with audio tracks and a MODE2 data track that can include music
   videos, interviews with the band, whatever, etc. So, I've added support for
   ripping the one format that I know of for now. I happen to have some of
   these discs, so I wanted to make TurboRip work with them. Unlike with
   CD-TEXT, music audio discs such as these are more common.

 + Various performance enhancements in interface, behavior, coding were made to
   really make this app as great as it should be!! However, index/gap detection
   by reading the "Q" subchannel failed to make it in this version. Stay tuned!

 + To reduce the size of TurboRip, all third-party components for MP3 (LAME)
   and APE are now zipped within TurboRip and extracted/unzipped on demand.

 + When using the /APE parameter for perfect CD backups, support files are now
   extracted to easily decompress APE files back to WAVE when needed! Simply
   double-clicking the "APE_TO_WAVE.bat" batch file will do the trick!

 + The default (2004) Monkey’s Audio (APE) codec no longer requires the
   Unicode layer to work on Windows 98SE, so TurboRip fully works with both its
   APE and MP3 codecs on a clean install of all Windows flavors!!! :)

 + Bug fix: I noticed on Windows XP that as TurboRip read sectors from a CD/DVD
   drive connected via USB or FireWire, it could actually lose the connection!!
   This could happen consistently when you ALT+TAB'ed to switch to another app!
   I found the solution was to raise the Process Priority of TurboRip to HIGH!
   Normally, disc burning software will raise the Process Priority to HIGH as
   well when *burning* a disc which makes sense, and so with all that, I now
   ALWAYS set TurboRip's priority to HIGH to avoid the bug with external drives
   AND speed up the ripping time - it might as well live up to its name!! :)

 + Bug fix: Fixed a drive selection bug in Windows 98SE when selecting a drive
   number from the prompt menu.

 + Fixed issue that caused "Linda ³ (J)" to be excluded from the TOC database.
   Squaresoft74's use of the fancy superscript "3" was the culprit...

 + If all CD tracks are audio, it's a music CD (not videogame!) so messages
   like "Note: No videogame CD-ROM was detected." were eliminated.

 + The track file-naming style was changed to put the track # (01-99) first.
   This is better for sorting and viewing the CD image file set I think.

 + TurboRip no longer installs its own ASPI layer for Win9X/ME, it instead just
   relies on the default Adaptec ASPI layer. Compatibility is still maintained!

 + TurboRip sets the TOP_MOST flag 'on' of the Command Prompt window so it can
   never be hidden behind other windows until it is closed or minimized.

 + Bug fix: Fixed a minor bug that caused the /name parameter to be overwritten
   when the last parameter specified was /useaspi or if any other text was
   mistakenly typed at the Command Prompt.

 Version 1.00 (4/19/2006):

 + Integration with the PC Engine/TG-16 TOC database so as to detect a valid,
   original PC Engine/TG-16 disc if inserted, and warn you if not.

 + Can detect CD/DVD devices connected to your system via Firewire/USB!

 + Independent executable that provides its own copy of components if missing.
   You'll only ever need the executable and not have to worry about other
   missing dependent files as they'll be extracted on demand.

 + As of this release, LAME MP3 Library version 1.32 [Engine 3.98] (2/19/2006)
   was compiled with the executable for all your MP3 encoding needs. If you have
   a better/newer DLL, you can always replace LAME_ENC.DLL in the same folder
   as the executable and it'll use that instead.

 + As of this release, MAC APE Library version (2004) was compiled
   with the executable for all your APE encoding needs. If you have a
   better/newer DLL, you can always replace MACDll.dll in the same folder as
   the executable and it'll use that instead. MAC=Monkey's Audio Codec is
   lossless audio encoder. Use this if you want a perfect backup of your CD!

 + Can rip your disc directly into an ISO/MP3 format that is usable by PCEP
   (a PC Engine/TG-16 emulator for Sony's portable PSP system) or HUGO-X (a
   PC Engine/TG-16 emulator for Microsoft's X-BOX console system).

 + Generates a default reliable CUE file for use with Daemon Tools or any CDRW
   burning software that supports CDRWIN's CUE format.

 + Generates a TOC dump in PCEP usable format.

 + Support for three data track modes (MODE1/2048, MODE1/2352, & MODE2/2352).
   That means you could rip a game disc from other systems such as Sega CD,
   NeoGeo CD, PlayStation, etc. PlayStation games can only be ripped in RAW
   mode so your drive must support reading RAW sectors.

 + Code is highly optimized. The default VC++ runtime engine is not used.
   Instead, I use a small custom runtime engine I prefer to compile with that
   results in a much smaller and quicker executable, along with the fact that I
   sacrifice ANSI portability by calling Windows APIs directly for speed gains.

 + I would argue TurboRip is probably faster than any audio ripper out there
   when used to rip a regular audio disc. Many of the libraries commercial
   software use are quite bloated while TurboRip was written with the bare
   minimum of what's needed to read from a MMC-Capable device. Their advantage
   of course is more compatibility with specific drives, etc. and support for
   Jitter Correction if your drive isn't "CD-DA Stream Accurate." TurboRip
   being command-line and not having to deal with controlling a Windows GUI
   also provides a speed advantage.

 + Accurate track file sizes with 9X% of PCE/TG-16 CD-ROMs, ensuring consistency
   in ripping results.

The Download: Latest (v1.41)


>Sneak forward to a WIP BETA/RC candidate release here<

Fully works now on Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10 believe it or not!!!! :)

The Feedback Thread:

>> For Windows VISTA or 7 and up Users, Download BETA Version <<

No need for that broken beta anymore I'm happy to say! Version 1.41 and on works on damn near every Windows version Microsoft ever released! :)

(Some past history on issues with old versions is below just for reference -

Alright, I'm making this a general post cause it'll be the same in mine and the MagicEngine forum. Feel free to leave feedback here and lemme know how it's working for you preferably with original CD-ROMs. If you have ideas for improvements/enhancements or find bugs, do lemme know! Keep on ripping! :)

Tracker URLs to other forums I posted this to check for feedback:
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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2006, 07:38:11 PM »
If anybody has a Sony PSP, try out the /pcep option to create an ISO/MP3/TOC archive for use with the PCEP emulator on that portable. That's something I can't test out, but last I checked, David Shadoff reported it works out fine for him. For reference, this is the thread that inspired my adding PSP support. You can see what you normally had to go through to get it to work from that...

Anyway, if you know of other PCE/TG-16 forums/communities, please spread the word! I'd like as many as possible getting their hands on this.

EDIT: Hey, bit of history here, but that person in the thread I linked above was Bernie actually! I got him all set up playing an image of Dracula X on his Sony PSP and then wound up adding the /PCEP option to make it easy for everybody else to rip an image for the Sony PSP's emulator preferences. He is credited in the ReadMe for the feedback and interaction that led to all that. :) I recall that he donated $10 bucks to me for that help as well way back then! ;)
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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2006, 02:20:50 PM »
This thread would make a nice sticky note.


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2006, 02:49:24 PM »
Moved to the proper forum....

I have a PSP but I'm running on the latest firmware...haven't looked to see if there is a way to run PCEP on it yet but can try this when I get back home.
Owner/Creator of


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #4 on: June 20, 2006, 03:27:15 PM »
Oh man, you have no idea how happy I am to see this!

Hopefully I'll be able to actually figure out how to use it...


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #5 on: June 22, 2006, 06:32:54 AM »
Finally, another response. Well, lemme know how it goes for you.


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #6 on: June 22, 2006, 07:25:07 AM »
Unfortunatly i have been unable to get this to work. Ive tried a total of 3 drives, with the same result. It will rip the first audio track, and dumps back to the command prompt. Any ideas?


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #7 on: June 22, 2006, 06:49:46 PM »
Quote from: "grahf"
Unfortunatly i have been unable to get this to work. Ive tried a total of 3 drives, with the same result. It will rip the first audio track, and dumps back to the command prompt. Any ideas?

I'm having the same problem on my end. I'm using a combo drive on my laptop, it's a Toshiba SD-R2512. It'll rip the first track and then quit. I have tried changing aspi drivers but no luck. Still the same result.


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2006, 08:31:55 AM »
Is there no error message, it just finishes? Also, does the TOC listing show more than one track? One more thing, tell me what happens if you add this extra parameter: "/track=2" - that's to rip just one specified track. The result of using that parameter might be useful in troubleshooting, other than that, I'm not sure what's wrong. Oh, and uh is the one audio track correctly dumped/playable in an audio player, etc.?


P.S. Screenshots of mostly everything after you pick your CD/DVD drive would be helpful too.


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #9 on: June 24, 2006, 07:46:37 PM »
Night - I've used it a few times and it's worked flawlessly everytime for me.  This is definetely one of the coolest and most useful tools for anyone who rocks emulation on their XBox, or anything else for that matter.

OD - the truly Turboist of all Turbo sites.


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #10 on: June 25, 2006, 05:44:16 AM »
NightWolve, I was just about to take a few screenshots for you, and try the /track=2 parameter. BUT, it just worked flawlessly for me. I have no idea what i may have changed that could have effected it. I dont think anything. Im super happy its working now, since its such a great utility. I wish i could have helped you with a potential bug though, since a few people are still having this problem im sure.

Rollins, its up to you to take some screenshots now.


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #11 on: June 25, 2006, 08:28:01 AM »
I just flashed my DVD combo drive with the lastest firmware. Seems to be able to rip all my cd-rom games without problems now (they're all original by the way). All except Nexzr. The program rips the game if I use /track=3, but it just gives me errors if it's trying to rip track-2. It's strange, I double checked my disc and it's 100% original with no scratches, I bought it practically brandnew.

Prompt screen

Turborip with default settings trying to rip Nexzr

Turborip /track=2


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #12 on: June 25, 2006, 12:10:13 PM »
I dont have a copy of that to try myself... maybe someone else here can post their results?

Its funny, i cant think of any reason mine works now. I hardly even use the computer. No windows updates, no hardware changes, nothing. Well except for installing and removing the other drive i tried (which also didnt work).

I gotta say it again NightWolve, GREAT utility. Vobbo, the author of the free HU6280 PC Engine emulator, has been writing a version for the GP2X linux homebrew console ( ). He just added ISO support a few days ago. No cd-audio support yet, but he has been updating it at an incredible speed. Check it out.  
I still prefer my region modded Turbo Express for portable hucard gaming, but this is a GREAT portable SCD option.


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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #13 on: June 26, 2006, 11:16:51 PM »
Thanks for the feedback guys. I wish I knew what fixed this particular problem because I'm having it as well. My YAMAHA drive used to be able to read the entire data track, even the last few sectors, but not anymore. However, a workaround has been in place, it's just that I didn't cover the particular read error a few drives are returning.

Anyway, the background to the problem is that you basically have "gaps" that are either unburned/unreadable sectors or burned null sectors when you have a track type transition with mixed-mode CDs such as PCE ones. When you transition from a data track to an audio track, 2 seconds of unburned/unreadable sectors are left behind at the end of the data track. That's referred to as a postgap. Now some drives, mine included, when you try to read the last few valid sectors before the unreadable postgap sectors officially begin, they fail as if you were trying to read in the postgap region. That's the problem that you guys were having and why it would fail right at 99% of track 2. Your CD lens can't get the last few sectors that should be valid right before where the invalid postgap sectors begin. If you try to read the first postgap sector or anywhere in its region, you will correctly get an error, but the drive is supposed to be able to read the last valid data sector before the invalid postgap sector begins. However, this seems to vary with drives with some failing too early AND changes in your system somehow affect this. I know my drive used to work fine, but stopped for some reason.

Now, my solution has been to trap certain conditions. If a read error is returned, I check if the current track is a data track and if there only 27+5 sectors left from completely reading the whole track (We're at 99% of completion). Previously, I only accounted for two read errors because those were the only ones my drives returned. They are: "No Seek Complete" or "Illegal mode for this track". However, somebody else, before you guys a few days ago, posted that they were getting a "Unrecovered read error." So I decided to now account for that error which should compensate for the problem should you ever encounter it again.

Anyway, rolins, since you're still having the problem, I'm pm'ing you a link to a slightly updated copy. It should work for Nexzr. You'll see a message about 'unreadable data sectors near postgap area' like this (with the last track at the bottom):

So yeah, when I get around to releasing an updated version (1.01) to the public, it'll include this fix among some other improvements I've been thinking about.

Glad you all like the program btw. I wish I had the knowledge to have created it back when the NEC scene was kicking off its image sharing days. Would've saved a whole bunch of grief.

grahf: Funny thing about that emulator author. I frequently like to check all referrer links recorded by my server and/or website software. TurboRip was linked to in a thread on that author's forum and so that's how I already happen to have learned about his work. No interest since I don't have this GP2X thingy, but that's nice for those that do.
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TurboRip v1.00-The PC-Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper
« Reply #14 on: June 27, 2006, 06:51:30 PM »
Thanks, NightWolve. I got your PM and that update you sent me works on Nexzr now. I still get that "unrecovered read error..." after track 2, but it still continues the rip the other tracks.

I spent the entire morning playing thru my ISO/WAV of Nexzr trying to find a hiccup, but so far I've found none.