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Can we get a sticky for graphic, sound, and coding tips/tricks/effects/etc?

 Since the TED info isn't stickied, here are the relative links for it:

TOOLS Bizhawk PCE emulator with LUA script support. Perfect for debugging your games, or hacking exiting games. Check out the sample LUA script for Neutopia. It shows collision boxes and HP points for them.


Thanks :)

 Saw this article on Contra for NES:

 7 part in depth look at Contra and the engine is runs on. One interesting note, is how collision detection is used for object to object. The main character is a single point and all other objects are boxes. The bullets are considered 'spawned' enemies. The collision box for the enemies change depending on the mode the character is in (laying down, standing/running, and jumping). I don't think it saves a whole lot on cycles, but interesting approach none the less.

Very interesting, and useful .
I think maybe a box for player caracter and an unique point for enemies bullets can save some cycles .

I have a very generic box collision detection routine (it works for all type of games), it takes 192 cycles if collision between 2 sprites occur,this is not the fastest routine ever but not slow .
I think in a real use it takes between 5000 and 10000 cycles for a fairly good amount of check like needed in a shmup,in my case 10000 cycles is 50 effective collisions at same time in a frame .

10k cycles isn't bad at all. That's only 8.3% cpu resource for the frame. The PCE could easily handle double that if the VDC could handle it without flickering. A shame really.

 Touko, do you have a game engine that handles object to map collision... for slopes? Maybe something along the lines of Sonic or Mario?


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