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[Obey - Brew] pairings and other silly things

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Here we see a tasty pairing of a purple HuCard mixed with Aliens and pinball fantasies.  Part Alien movie, part fond memories of the arcade!  This in connection with the "Purple Haze" one of Abita's wondrous brews makes for a terrific waltz through the innards of a galactic wasteland just before you die.

The Dancing Man works so well with Bakusho Yoshimoto it's ridiculous.  Matter of fact, the more Dancing Men that you gulp down the more Bakusho Yoshimoto starts to make sense!!

New Glarus' Wheaty brew is just what the proctologist ordered for a long night of whimsical journey through this PC Engine gem's witty retort!

While you advance through your journey in the polarizing Energy, one cannot go wrong with adding "Polish Moon" as a companion to hopefully reduce your senses.  You won't hardly notice the terrible collision detection, unfinished levels or even be remotely disappointed by the miserable play controls if you're shit faced!

...well the soundtrack is pretty good.





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