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Wii VC service coming to an end soon

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The end is nigh! According to what my Wii told me today the Wii VC will allow the purchase of Wii Points until this coming March (2018), with service ending in January of 2019. I keep my Wii plugged in to my CRT at all times due to its excellent 240p output. Games like Super Air Zonk, Dynastic Hero, NAI, etc look excellent on a 240p CRT w/ component, so I'd get them Points bought now while you still can. Let's give the VC a nice, big sendoff. It deserves it! 

Thanks for letting us know! Now the time to scramble Valkyrie again The time is now to get those sweet sweet TG-16 games on VC while the shop lasts.

Or maybe now is time to crack your Wii and fill it with all the games they never sold in the VC.

I noticed a new Just Dance game at Target the other day. They have no PS3 or Vita anymore but technically Wii is still worth stocking. I’d imagine backward compatibility helps.

I wish those Wii points cards were still available, I'd rather not use a credit card.

I didn't buy much from the Wii Shop Channel over the years, but it certainly helped set a good standard for old software re-releases. There's still a great selection of classics on the Wii VC, plus some nice exclusives in the WiiWare section.

It'll probably be the last time we'll see that Alien Crush remake available. I'll be downloading that one for sure. It was still up last time I checked.


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