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Hello all,

You've found the High Score Discussion forum! This is the main place to talk about your high scores in Turbo/PCE/PC-FX games.  Please follow the following few rules when posting:

- BE HONEST!  A screenshot of your score is recommended as proof, but there are probably enough other people on here that can call BS when they see it.  Just be honest with your scores and have fun with it.

- Please keep posts related to the forum topic. Any posts not related to high scores for the Turbo/PCE/PC-FX will be deleted or moved to the proper forum.  Please don't post high scores of games on non NEC platforms.

- ONE TOPIC PER GAME.  Things can get messy if we see 10 topics about "Air Zonk".  The topic creator will update their original post with all of whoever posts their high score in that thread so that all scores are easily read in the original post.  Please note that mods can update posts at anytime.

- Mods have the right to modify your post at any time to keep the layout consistent.

- No warez/ISO/ROM/P2P links.

- Any topic can be deleted/locked/altered by the mods at anytime.

- No personal attacks.  Heated discussion about a topic is fine, but don't go attacking someone's mother just because you don't agree with that person.

Have fun!
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