Author Topic: Welcome to the PC Engine / SuperGrafx Discussion Subforum - RULES  (Read 175 times)


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Welcome to the general discussion area for the Japanese systems and games.  In addition to the Standard Forum Rules, here's some subforum specific rules and guidelines:

  • Heated discussions are okay, but don't abusively troll and deride others for no reason.  Rather than attacking the member personally, criticize their comments and viewpoints.
  • Don't be wildly sexist, racist, or homophobic.  Save it for the klan meetings.
  • Post in relevant subforum areas.  Messages posted in the wrong area will be moved or deleted as needed.
  • Keep posts on topic.  Discussions naturally wander to related topics, but blatant off topic posting and attempts at thread derailment will be met with moderator action.
  • Before creating a new thread, make an honest effort to find an existing related discussion.
  • No spam, automated messages, advertisements, links to questionable sites, chain letters, or similar shenanigans.
  • No illegal content.  Do not post, request, or link to sites full of roms, isos, porn, warez, etc.
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