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Piko Interactive's Jim Power preorder

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Never heard of Piko before and just stumbled across this. Not a new game, but still pretty cool that Jim Power is getting a LICENSED release on the TurboGrafx after all of these years!

Interesting.  I have the PCE game, but I suppose I'll pony up for this too, because collectard.  It's very colorful (like unicorn puke) but it's not a great game to play.

Is it really licensed by... I guess by Konami, or is it just licensed from Loricel or whoever the hell owns Jim Power nowadays?

Fully licensed from the creator's estate. Some details in the kickstarter:

Really cool how many odd-ball consoles Piko supports: Turbo, Amiga and... an Impossamole port on the Jaguar? Damn.

The game has apparently been sent for pressing and should ship before the end of the year.

Keith Courage:
Is this the same as the original PCE CD version that was sold or does it have changes made to the game?


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