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Burai 2 video is up (PC-98 Paradise!)

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After a few years taking a break, I finally decided to get back to reviewing NEC PC-88 games on Youtube. This time I'm doing an RPG that we all know and love on our Turbo. I compare the PC-88 version to the Turbo version several times in the video. Hope you guys like it.

Pretty cool - thanks for sharing.  The provided tunes are okay, but I like how you can play CDs instead.

I reviewed the second game as well.
Please check it out if you ever wanted to know about all the crazy stuff that happens in the sequel that we didn't get in English. (Spoiler warning included.)
Thanks for watching!

I made another video in the series. This time, it's not turbo-related, but hopefully you guys are interested in classic shmups like I am.

Shit!  I'm getting behind and still need to watch the Dragon Slayer 2 one.


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