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HuCoin - getting into Crypto?

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Hi guys,

I'm not ashamed to admit I've gotten caught up in the hype of crypto buy/sell/trade... Well- maybe I am a little ashamed- lol.  I have three apps (including PayPal) that I started checking daily and bouncing money around for fun.

Any obeyers here checking out the market? Getting into it? Making money? Tips?

What do you think the possibility of our community coming together to mine ( or start? ) our own crypto?  I think HuCoin would be amazing! <3

In January PayPal sent me a message as I logged into the app to check my account about the availability of putting money in bitcoin. So I figured why not, I put $20 into it, and a week later it gained a few dollars. Every couple weeks I'd look into it and pass a couple dollars into one or two of the few crypto currencies available and it's continuing to grow. (Bitcoin cash is going nuts right now as I've doubled the money I've put into it over the last month!)

This of course became a gateway drug for me, as the few dollars a week I was putting into it eventually became hundreds of dollars, and a few friends recommended apps like Coinbase and Binance, which I did similar strategies with. Starting with $50-$100 or less and just playing around with it.  And I'm really stoked to see this growing and growing, but will I lose my ass on this in the end? Will it all come crashing down? Should I care since I believe my entire investment from my actual funds was just under $300 total anyway? 

Best case scenario for me - Millions of dollhairs- lol But more likely, a nice little nugget to save for Xmas
Worst case scenario for me - a little experiment that I got caught up in and lost a few hundred dollars... :(

What say you?


I'm reading up yo.

I've invested all my money in hookers and blow.....

I'm with $ goes to YAJ for flips :)

My boss is always talking about crypto and how I should too b/c I'm "so smart". My excuse is because I'm smart, I don't. But I really think I just don't have time to learn and watch the market. It took me 5 years to finally move my IRA $ out of money market to EFT' least there it's buy and wait, no analyzing markets and keeping up on trends.

If Josh does win big, I expect him to throw a big obey keg party and invite us all!

Similar here.  I'm too much of a nervous nelly and would probably give myself an ulcer watching the prices flop around like a drunken walrus.   :icon_cat_derpy:


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