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Secret Santa is back for another year!  Here's the same ol' rules:

1.  Don't sign up if you can't / won't follow through.
2.  Sign ups are open until the first(ish) of November, at which time everyone'll be matched up and wish lists will be sent out to their respective Santa.
3.  Due to past issues, no super new members allowed.  Santas must have a minimum of 25 posts or have a long timer vouch for them.
4.  To make life easier for me, please fill in the form below when sending me your info.  Keep in mind that the more options your Santa has, the better the chances of him (or her) finding a good deal in the time allotted.  Please don't ask Santa for relatively rare games that sell once every 90 days on ebay for reasonable prices; he's on a schedule and can't wait months for a deal to come along.
5.  Value of your gift(s) should be in the $30-40 range - real value and not bloated, unsold BIN pricing.  (But honestly, isn't EVERYTHING overpriced nowadays?)
6.  Gifts should be mailed by December 11th to give the PO two full weeks.  If for some reason you won't be able to meet that time frame, please let me know as early as possible so that alternate plans can be made and nobody ends up with an empty yule log.
7.  Also related to a past issue, make sure your gift is sent with tracking.  If at all possible, it's strongly suggested that you have Santa send your gift to a secure location (work, PO box, a neighbor that's home, or held at the PO); if tracking says it was delivered but your package was stolen off your porch, it's not Santa's problem.
8.  This is important and bears repeating: don't sign up if you won't follow through; you fuck this up and I'll shit in your toaster.
9.  The most important rule is to have fun!

For extra holiday cheer, one random Santa will be selected to receive 'coal in their stocking and one will get an 8bitdo wireless PCE/TG-16 pad (maybe an option for the wired Hori pad if it comes back in stock).  If you don't want either of these goodies, please note accordingly on the form below.

Also, let me know if you don't want to shop for me since it won't exactly be secret.

Sign up sheet format for when you PM me your list -

Forum Alias:
Shipping Name/Address:
Condition (i.e. - complete, boxed, mint, loose, etc.):
Wish List:
Entered in the Magicoal drawing? (yes/no):
Entered in the other drawing? (yes/no):



 In like Flynn  O0

I'm in! I'll send you a list after I've given it some thought.

You guys can save 'em until the end of the month if you want.  That's preferable to sending updates, as I'm retarded and might (most likely will) make mistakes.


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