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Mindrec's Mix 4 (new collection)
« on: December 17, 2021, 12:06:46 PM »
Hey guys, not sure if it's been posted here, but I searched around and didn't see much of info about Mindrec's newest projects. BT has shared a bit of his project coming near to completion on the book of faces, and wasn't sure how many of you were following so I will share the info here.

'As of last night, the MindRec release is has all features and tweaking done .  There is still a few days of full cycle testing to be done (unit tests all complete), and the last debug code needs to be removed.  Even managed to sneak in a few more hidden things in the last couple of days, including one thing I am really pleased with, but probably shouldn't be.

I am still working on the manual and artwork...which is one reason why I have not referred to it by its proper name. It does not have one yet.
There are four titles on the main CD (the second CD is a remastering of Implode, MindRec's first release).  Of those four games, two are clearly the standouts and I have been debating about whether this should be name after one of those titles, maybe a combination of both titles, or maybe something different entirely (internally this is MC4 -- MindRec Collection 4).

So here is your chance to voice you opinion on the packaging name.  The four games on CD1 are: Vax, Zar's Ultion, Wave of Thunder, and Slope Dope.  The last two are quick "Can you beat the high score" sort of games, so naming should focus on the first two.

Possible titles include: MC4; Vax; Zar-Vax; Vax-Zar. What's your preference, one of those, or something different?'


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Re: Mindrec's Mix 4 (new collection)
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2021, 12:57:14 AM »
Sweet!  I'm always happy to hear of new homebrews, and here's four of 'em!

I can't think of anything clever for the name, but I'm partial to MC4 or something similar.  It should be 4 or IV, though, and not IIII..... unless you can unlock a fifth game that will redraw it with a \ through it.   :pcgs:
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