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Thoughts on Macross 2036 and Macross Scrambled Valkyrie


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I've just finished playing Macross 2036 again after so many years.  I had forgotten what a pleasant experience it is!  I remember buying it cheap in Japan when I was there, maybe $30 used, while the SNES game was still a good $100.  I did not play the SNES one until recent years, but mostly enjoyed it as well.

  My main problem with the SNES one is the difficulty, sans emulator help, and the lack of cut scenes that PCE CDs are known for.  However, I DO love the ability to transform into any mode at will in the SNES game.  Too bad I can't have both in one game, unless you count the Saturn/PSX game based on the movie, which is AWESOME!!!!!!

  Anyway, what are your thoughts about either game?  Or even of the 32-bit one?

I've only played the PCE one and I love it! The cutscenes are gorgeous and plentiful! It feels like we're watching a whole new episode. And I love playing the game as well. It's one of only a handful of shmups I can complete (if only on easy). The graphics on the ice level are really impressive, imo.

I've wanted to play the SNES one on my RetroPie, but don't think I could find a working rom. So one of these days I'll get it working.

I don't bother with SNES much at all, and I don't have the PCE one.  I've messed around with it some via CDR and/or emu years ago, but I didn't put a ton of time into it.  Maybe someday?  It's a cool looking game, that's for sure.

ceti alpha:
I just recently popped in Macross 2036 to test out the Analogue Duo. It's a fun one. The cut scenes really do make it feel like a whole other episode. I've never played the SNES one, that I can remember. It's cool that you can transform at will, though I think I'd take the cut scenes over that.

Macross 2036 is for sure one of the underrated shooters on the PC Engine. Been playing on the Duo as well, so great.

It's pretty pricey these days though  :-[


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