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Why were there never any 2 or more CD games?


I know that switching a disc is possible, at least in that CD Battle game, so why was this never done?

Cost of the second pressing and to make enough assets to actually need the second disc.  Other than composing a bunch of Redbook tracks, you'd have quite the task making hundreds of megabytes of game code and graphics, ending up with a ridiculously long game and lots of loading at only 2 megabits at a time.

So again it was a matter of technological and monetary limits.  I wonder what such a game would be like now?

Also why bundle two or more discs when you can sell them separately for max profits? Look at R-Type on PCE as an example(even though HuCards).

Tho as a counterpoint, Y's Book I and II where on one disc, but two games. And let's not forget Neo Nectaris which included the first Nectaris game.


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