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HuCard Games that freeze at the same spot every time


I just got a good condition copy of Power League 4 and it freezes to a white screen with the music continuing every single time I run it, at exactly the same point. The game boots up normally, I get a few menu screens to choose the game type, teams, etc. But before the actual round of baseball begins, the screen goes white and the music keeps playing. I've tried selecting all the different game modes and they all do the same thing.

The pins and the card itself all look great. I still cleaned the pins with iso 99% and a Q-tip. No effect. I've got two OEM systems, a Duo RX and an original white in a briefcase and they each do the same thing.

I doubt there's anything I can do with this game. Anyone seen anything similar? Would doing more intense and  possibly risky pin cleanings like deoxit and a magic eraser be worth trying?

Looks like a broken ROM. I don't think there's anything left you can do.


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