Author Topic: PC FX system + 18 games, memory card, mouse (Zenki, Zeroigar, Chip Chan...)  (Read 237 times)


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Selling my prized PC-FX collection as money as become tight recently and rent needs to be paid. Would rather sell as a lot but might consider selling separately for the right price.

ALL games are complete and mint with manual, registration card and original box.

SYSTEM is working, in original box with manual and 1 controller and 1 s-video cable. It has some yellowing but it still in good condition.

Mouse and Memory Card are both in box with original manual.

- 1 PC-FX system w/ box, manual, controller, video cable
- 1 PC-FX Memory Card w/ box and manual
- 1 PC-FX Mouse with box and manual

- Zenki FX
- Zeroigar
- Tengai Makyo Karakuri Kabutoden
- Pia Carrot
- Dragon Knight 4 (Jewel case broken)
- Chip Chan Kick
- Blue Breaker
- Nirgends
- Detective Women
- Graduation 2
- Power Dolls
- Deep Blue Fleet
- Anime Freak 1
- Galaxy Fraulein
- Der Langriser
- Return to Zork
- Team Innocent
- Battle Heat

Looking for $999 for the entire lot. Ships FREE in the USA. International with EMS only (probably around $100 to Europe, email me zip/country for precise quote).

Money Order or Paypal accepted for USA. Paypal only for international.

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Will let this one og for $999 SHIPPED in the USA