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Keith Courage

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Re: PC Engine LT video issue
« Reply #15 on: January 23, 2023, 07:59:21 PM »
After some more detailed testing and comparing the display controller PCB with the good one from the second LT I know that the issue has to be in the driver IC  SLA7160F1S. Other than the OKI M6286 which can also be found in the Game Gear TV Tuner units I can't find any reference at all about the broken driver IC.
So unfortunately a display replacement with a 5" composite screen is my only realistic option to get it working again.

@Keith Courage can you give some details regarding your recommended replacement and how the display is best fitted inside the LTs screen housing? Could something like this be a proper option for parts?

Sorry I've been slow to respond. Been forgetting to check the forums lately.

Yes, a 5" screen that can do 4:3 will work good and they still look better than the original screen. I don't know how to order one of those 5" RGB screens as the website says they can only be sold to people with a Japanese shipping address. 

Something like one of these works good. You might be able to find a cheaper one if you do more searching. LCD screens like this can also be found on ebay or Amazon if you don't want to wait for slow shipping from China.

The 3 black buttons for adjustments can even be added to the side of the LT casing if wanted which I have done before. Just drill 3 small holes in the side of the screen housing and use some hot glue to hold from behind. Also, it's best to mount the new screen with hot glue. So what you should do is add hot glue to the top edge of the screen only, power on the console, and line up the picture while it dries. Then go around and glue the other sides of the screen.

You don't need to add the buttons to the LT though if you don't want to as once the screen is set to 4:3, it stays that way unless you change the settings again. So you could just set the image the way you want without the buttons and just forgo installing them on the case.
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Re: PC Engine LT video issue
« Reply #16 on: January 24, 2023, 04:48:47 AM »
Great, Keith and thanks for sharing your experience.
I'll give that kind of display a try (I'd definately avoid drilling any holes in a LT casing ...) and then update this thread accordingly.

A shame that the LT contrast wheel won't be of any further use then, but at least the LT will be usable at all.