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RGB mod and ground
« on: November 17, 2022, 02:52:20 PM »

I am revising an old mod I did on a TG16 getting everything from the back port of the console. The amp is placed in the removable plastic on the back.

While I was inspecting my old work, I saw that my amp was getting ground from a pin that the diagram indicates as "GNDd" which now I understand that it stands for digital ground.

Is there a difference (RGB amp wise) or should I change it to a pin "GNDa" which stands for analog ground?

If indeed it should be changed to GNDa, why and what would the difference be, picture quality wise.

And another thing I noticed.... when I power up the console without a hucard, a white screen comes up (expected).... I noticed that for like 10 seconds there is a very slight magenda hue in this supposed to be white screen. This hue goes away quickly and the picture turns completely white.
If there is a hucard on power up, no one can notice anything, the colours are right and vibrant as they should.

The amp isn't to blame for this (if you can call it a problem anyway) as I tried another one. The thing is that on composite out (rf box mod), I don't notice the same slight hue that goes away fast.

Any ideas as to what could be the case here? Could it be the digital ground I'm using?

The console is recaped (console5 caps) and I'm using an OSSC.
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