Author Topic: virtual turbo grafx games on PAL Wii - frame skip when 50Hz mode  (Read 337 times)


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I have just dloaded R-TYPE (yay) - and been trying it out on a PAL Wii with a RGB scart lead.

When you set your tv to be 60hz mode, it all runs fine and dandy - although with the slight bluriness that people have mentioned of wii turbografx games before (emulator output filters output?) - not a big deal, but would be great if they could fix it.

However if you have a PAL wii and your tv cannot support 60hz mode (unlucky you), then what you end up with is pretty shoddy - to get the games to run at 50hz they made them drop frames, so you get this subtle jerking going on as you play, not nice at all - but a damn good incentive to upgrade your tv.

The annoying thing about this is they dont tell you before you buy - they should detail these facts, so if some poor bugger cant run their tv at 60hz - then they should know the game wont run so nicely. And even if your tv can support 60hz, then they should at least tell you `best to play this game at 60hz`.