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Michael Helgeson

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Hellfire S Highscore thread
« on: June 01, 2008, 08:20:18 AM »

Ok,played and got  a pretty high score before getting wiped out completely on my first credit/run before having to continue,and also made it to the last boss,but could not beat it. Still not bad considering this is the second time I have played this port of it,the other being last December.

Im posting a couple of gameplay pics I did while playing,and if you look at the pic of the last boss,check the high score listing. That was my high score before I got wiped out and had to continue.

Still going strong:

Nearer to doom and death with  a score so far of 422650:

Last boss,with my high score stuck in the high score spot after I died and had to continue. My highest score of 464800:

Michael Helgeson  Highscore on default settings: 464800

Anyone else playing this game as of late?