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Useful Web Links
« on: March 26, 2011, 08:08:32 AM »
Find below the links that I have found useful while I have been collecting PC Engine. In addition to

If you have any links that you would like to add to the list or find any dead links please let me know.

April Fools / Funnies

Chrismcovell April Fool 2011:

Chrismcovell April Fool 2011: http:


3ML Editor (Japanese):

8 Hours of PC Engine Chip Music (sunteam):

Amping Audio for CD-Rs Guide:

BZRPlayer (Multi Format Player inc HES):

Daruis Sound Sheet:

DefleMask - A Multi-System music tracker:

Fan Compositions/Live performances/Mash-ups/Melodies:

HES Audio Files (

HES NEZplug (Winamp plug-in) Site 1:

HES NEZplug (Winamp plug-in): Site 2

Hypernova Blast Soundtrack:

Insanity X Soundtrack (aetherbyte):

Kaminarimon HES Music Archive:

Kingshriek's rip page:

Kobarin Media Player (HES):

MML Audio Sample (Doom):

MML Audio Sample (Splatter House):

Most popular tracks for #pc engine (soundcloud):

Sound Rips Archive (HES & CD):

The Best Musicians on the Turbo/PCE:

VGM Audio Rips inc. PC Engine / TG16 etc (.vgz format):

More audio in the podcast section below!

Beta / Unreleased / Prototypes

Battle Jungler:



Caravan / Special Versions (French):

Ccovell Secret page:

Ccovell Unreleased List:

Graduius II Sample (French):

HiTen Bomberman Details:

Hi-Ten Bomberman Video:

Hucard Sample (French):

Imperial Force:

Marble Madness - Marukatsu 93 Vol 01:

Off the Wall (French):

Off the Wall - Marukatsu 93 Vol 01:

Off the Wall (Prototype Released):

Pc Cocoron:

PCE Prototypes (Hardware):

Power Console:

PCE Screen and Phone Concept Drawing (From C+VG):

RPG Genjin:

Tengen PC Engine games:

TsushinBooster(Hardware Modem):


BlockoS – MooZ devblog:

Chunky Pixels:

Colorful Pieces of Game (Japanese)(Hiromasa Iwasaki):

Edward's Shmups:


I was a teenage PC Engine Fan:

Magweasel - I Love PCE:

Murakun's blog:      

PCE Repair Blog (Japanese):

Sunteam (Homepage):

Sunteam (Tumblr):

Takahashi Meijin Official blog:

the Engine Blog:

Cheats / Game Guides

Accessory Support:

Bazaru de Gozaru Guide (Necromancer):

Catlevania Realm (Statagy Guide Scan):

Chris' Adventure dissection (ccovell):

Console Database:

Daichi Kun Crisis FAQ/Guide (TG16):

Force Gear - GamePlay (Tokimeki Memorial):


Gamegenie (TG16):

Game Genie Guy (Apply GG Codes to ROMS):

Game Maps


Magic Engine Emulator Cheats:

Maniac Pro Wrestling passwords (ccovell):

Minesweeper dissection (ccovell):

Mysterious Song EX dungeon maps:

Patching PC Engine Games for Infinite Lives:

Road Spirits dissection (ccovell):

RPG Walkthrough compendium:

Shumps with Arcade Mode:

Shumps with Arcade Mode (Forum):

Strategy Wiki:

Tool-Assisted Speedruns (TASes):

Vnotesonline (Gameguides):

World of LongPlays (Main Site):

World of LongPlays (PCE Youtube):

Collecting & Games Lists etc.


Chronological Release List:

Cover Art PCE vs Turbo Grafx:]

Dungeoncrawlers Database:

Games Database:

GameJug PCE (Japanese):

Hardcoregaming101 (PC Engine Section):

Hyper Catalogue:

Linda 3 releases (Japanese)

Necstasy (CD TOC Database):

PCE Daisakusen:

PCEngine Catalog Project (PCECP):

Pirates and clones:   

Redump.Org (CD info):

Sapphire Counterfeit Debunker:

Sapphire SYO Project (French):


Software Bible:

The Brothers Duomazov (TG-16/PC Engine review site):   

Turbografx Games List (and general info):

Turbografx Games Reference - (Royvegas):

Turbografx-16 reviews, Baby!:

Turbo Views review site:

Turbo Views youtube:



ASM Programming with Chris Covell:

C, C++ Programming Tutorials (

Colour palette for artists:

Dave Shadoffs developers site:

Developmers Information Resource:

Devlo Books (About):

Devlo Book (Download):

Graphics Summary (PC engine):

HES Format Specification:

HU7CD documentation:


HuC Documentation Project:

HuC Tutorials (obeybrew):


Magic Kit:

Mouse Information:


Obeybrew spriting reference:

Old Versions (Archive of old software):

PCEAS assembler (v3.22):

PCE cribsheet page 1:

PCE cribsheet page 2:


PCE image converter:

PC Engine Compatible Hardware Development:

PC Engine Creations:

PC Engine Development Office (Japanese):

PsPad editor:

R-Type 2 demo (With Source):

Sprite size chart to vram layout:




Hu-Go! For Morph OS:

Hu-Express (forked from Hu-Go!):

Emulating the PC Engine CD on the Wii:

Magic Engine:

Magic Engine PC-FX (No CD Error Fixed):


MAMEUI64 Frontend:

MedGui (GUI for PC Mednafen):


NitroGrafx (Nintendo DS):



PCE.emu (Android, iOS, Linux, WebOS and PS3):

Retroarch (Sony PSVIta):

RetroPie (Rasberry Pi):

Turbo Engine:


Ancient Land of Ys:

Assembler Games:   

Modification Forum:

NeoTeam Official Forum (PCE Flash Cart):

PC Engine Community Forums:

PC Engine Developers Forum:

Shumps Forum:
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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2011, 08:08:52 AM »
Game Fan Sites

Bonk Compendium:

Castlevania Crypt:

Catlevania Realm:

Catlevania (inverteddungeon):

Final Match Tennis:

Nectaris / Military madness:

Snatcher (junkerhq):

SonSon2 Shrine:

Splatter house:

Tengai Makyou:

Wanderers form YS Shrine:

Vallis fan page:

YS Utopia:

Game Saving

Gamesave FAQ:

Memory Base 128 Supported Games:

Memory Base 128 + Private Eye Doll (Use as memory manager):

Save and Save Backup Unit Information:

Saving games on PCE systems:

Tennokoe Bank Card (How To Use):

Tennokoe Bank Card (How To Use):

Tennokoe Bank Card (Video Guide):


All Hardware List (Japanese):

Analog CyberStick Demo:

CD ROM System:

Controller review / Information:

FPGA - Torlus Development:

Game Doctors Comparison:

Hardware and accessories:

Hardware compatibility guide:

Home-made FlashCart:

Jamma - PC Engine:

Jamma - PC Engine JAMMA Analysis:

Jamma - PCE Jet:

Jamma - TG16 arcade board:

Jamma - TourVision:

Korean Vistar / TurboGrafx 16:

LaserActive (laserdiscarchive):

LaserActive Details (videogameconsolelibrary):

LaserActive (Wikipedia):

LaserActive Mueseum:

Magic Griffin backup device:

Mini PCE Arcade (Youtube):

PCE Clones:

PC Engine PC-KD863G:

TG-16/PC Engine:


System Card Versions comparison:

The XE-1AP:

XRGB Wiki:

Homebrew, Remasters, PD, Translations



Barbarian Remakes:

Burnt Projects Log:

Cabbage's Homebrew and Whatnot:

CastleVania Dracula X (translation/dub):

Chris Covell's Creations:

Cosmic Fantasy 2 saved game editor / Frozenutopia:

Flappy Bird for the SGX (touko):


Gate of Thunder (Remastered by Electrohaze):

Gai Flame (translation patch - beta):

Greek ROM Translations:

Henshin Engine:

HuSound (Osman):

Master List of PC Engine Homebrew Games:


Motteke Tamago (translated):

Mysterious Song (Frozen Utopia):

Rom Translations & Hacks:

PC Engine creations:

PC-Engine Translations (Dave Shadoff):

Pia Carrot e Youkoso Translation:

Punkfloyd Downloads:

Punkfloyd Homepage:

Squirrel (aetherbyte):

Squirrel tutorial 1:

Squirrel tutorial 2:

Ultimate Rally Club (Orion):

Untranslated PC Engine Games (Spinner 8 /

WYSIWYG Wave Sound Generation Tool (ccovell):

Xak III (translation):

Ys IV   (translation):

Zerioigar PC-FX (translation):

Interviews and general articles

Arkhan of Aetherbyte at CCAG 2011 (1):

Arkhan of Aetherbyte at CCAG 2011 (2):

Arkhan of Aetherbyte at CCAG 2011 Atlantean Demo:

Arkhan of Aetherbyte at CCAG 2011 Epic Unveiling:

Arkhan of Aetherbyte at CCAG 2011 Pyramid Plunder:

Arkhan of Aetherbyte at CCAG 2012:

Arkhan of Aetherbyte at CCAG 2013 (03:03):

Bt Garner / Implode:

Bt Garner / Meteor Blaster DX:   

Chris Covell (RetroManiac Mag):

Dave Marsh and Todd Papaleo of ICOM Simulations:

Falcom's secret to success:

Hudson HuC62xx and their name origins:

Lee Pappas and Andy Eddy of TurboPlay magazine:

Manley Associates Interview (Heroes of midnight sun):

PC Engine Creator Memories:

Shmuplations (interviews with Japanese game developers):

Takahashi-Meijin' Goes Retro:

The Disastrous Story Of The PC-FX:

The History of DMA - Part3:

The Making Of The PC Engine - Retro News Feature:

The Trouble With The TurboGrafx-16:

TurboGrafx-16 at 25 Stalled Engine (Gamasutra):

TurboGrafx-16 at 25 (US Gamer):

Turbo Zone Direct:

Magazines and Newsletters etc.

Club Turbo Catalog Vol 1 :

Dawn of YS Art Book:

Dengeki PC-Engine Tokubetsu-ban - Scan:

DoxPhile (Mags for download TurboPlay etc): http://DoxPhile/?action=magazines

Gekkan Issue 01 October 1992 Scan:

PC Engine Fan Scans (Inc. Mine) Hosted by OldGameMags:

PC Engine Gamer:

PC Engine Guide 1993 (UK - Fanzine Style Publication):


Super PC Engine Fan Vol. 1 (1994) Scan:

TTI Miscellaneous (IvanBeavkov)  -

Turbo Grafx in Print (

Turbo Play etc.

TZD Catalog scans:

TZD Gallery Memories:
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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2011, 08:09:12 AM »
Manuals and Replacement Docs

Custom CD Jewel Case Inserts (IvanBeavkov):

Custom HuCARD Envelope Artwork - Download TG16 (SeymorOnion):

Custom HuCARD Envelope Artwork - Create you own and system cards:

Custom HuCARD Envelope Artwork - Thread:

Game Database T16 Manuals (LQ):

Gate of Thunder insert PDF (vestcoat):

Gate of Thunder insert TIF (vestcoat):

Manuals over at (all sorts of goodies here!):

TurboGrafx 16 "8-Disc Poly Case" Cover Thread:

Replacement Docs (Game Manuals):

Sherlock Holmes newspaper pages:

TG16 Box Scans (jelloslug):

TG16 Covers:   

TG16 Manual Scans PCFX:

Turbografx arcade board manual (


Ccovel Homepage:

Cubecraft - TG16:

Dark City Productions site:

Desktop Wallpapers (sunteam):

Dracula X Unused graphics:

Game font Database (Downloadable Fonts):

Games that use M128, Mouse or 6 buttons:

Hudson Logos:

Hi-Res PCE/TG16 logos:

NEC Logo Images (Vector):

NEC+Ultra home page:   

Sunteam PanicBoss (Card game)

PC engine 101:

PC Engine Fan (Japanese):

PC Engine Japan:

PC Engine Maniax FAQ (Japanese):

PC Engine WIKI info inc: pinouts, hardware, Flash carts and so on:

PC Engine & TurboGrafx-16 Wiki:

PC Engine thread over at JAMMA+

PCE/TG16 vs SNES vs  Megadrive:

PCE/TG16 vs SNES vs Megadrive (over at

PC-FX MoeMoe:

Screen Mania (ScreenShots):


Systemcard Errors:

The Cutting Room Floor:

The Turbo List Archive:

Three-Button-Friendly Games (TBFG FAQ):

Modifications / Repair

Clean up yellow plastic 1:

Controller data/pin outs:

Console Schematics (Gamesx):

D91317GD pin mapping (IC501 in the duo):

db Electronics (dbGrafx Booster etc)

Duo-RX RGB mod (Japanese)

Euro RBG to Japanese RGB Converter (Mmonkey):

Expansion Connector:

Hardware Information Page (ITA):

HuC6280 signal analysis:

Jailbar Fix:

NEC Cap Replacment (console5):

NEC PAC-N10 Service Manual:

NEC TurboGrafx 16 Service Manual:

NES and TG16 controller Fun:

NES to PCE Controller:


PCE controller to USB Mod1 (Raphnet-tech):

PCE controller to USB Mod 2(Retrousb):

PCEDEV Hardware Links:

PCE PowerSupply Ratings:

Region Mod 1 (Playoffline):

Region Mod 2 (Mmonkey):

Repair and Modification Guides (pcenginefx):

RGB Amps info (ICs):

RGB Amp 1 (Mmonkey):

RGB Amp 2 (Gamesx 1):

RGB Amp 3 (Gamesx 2):

RGB Mod 1 (Mmonkey):

RGB Mod 2 (Gamesx 1):

RGB Mod 3 (Gamesx 2):

RGB Mod for Tennokoe 2:

Tennokoe Refrufbishment:

Turbo Duo Full Capacitor Replacement (Video):

Pod Casts

All Gen Gamers (Some PCE / TG16):

Interview with Victor Ireland & John Greiner (former head of Hudson Soft):


PC Engine City:

PC Engine FX TV:

Retronauts Episode 38 - The Bonk Series:

Wibble (Classic Chip Tunes):


Akiyamajin Hihou:

Devil Crash / Alien Crush Soundtrack (Chris Covell):

Kids Station (nekofan):

Kids Station (takidsawa):   


Rare List (Digital Press):
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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2011, 06:28:52 AM »
Social Media


Aetherbyte Studios:


Frozen Utopia:

Game Sack:

Henshin Engine:


PCEFX Community:

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 Homebrew:

The Brothers Duomazov:

The PC Engine Software Bible:


Video Game Den:


Sunteam (Deviantart)


Game Sack @GameSack :

PCE Repair Blog (Japanese):

Sunteam @sunteam :

YouTube Channels


Esteban LeGrafx:

Game Sack:



TV Adverts / Commercials / Misc Media

100 Games in 10 mins:

+400 NEC TurboGrafx Games:

3-in-1 USA Demo CD for TG16:

3x3 Eyes - PC Engine SCD promotional video (VHS Rip):

Brut Press videos (PCFX ETC):

Bullet Heaven TG 16/PCE Episodes:

Chronturbo (Episodes 1 - 3):

Chronturbo (Episode 4):

Chronturbo (Episode 5):

Commercials/TV Adverts:

Commercials/TV Adverts Compilation:

Game Centre CX Episode Guide (and links):

Game Sack Episode Guide:

Genpei Toumaden Promo:

Hudson Caravan footage -1985 to 1993:

Hudson Soft 1992 Promotional Video:

Hudson Soft All About CD-ROM (1989):

TG-16/PCE VIDEOS with Esteban LeGrafx:

PC Engine Demo VHS (Turbo Mailing List):

PC Engine FX: MAGFest Edition:

PC Engine World:

Space Fantasy Zone VHS rip:

Turbografx-16 at CES 1991:

Turbografx-16 at CES 1992:

Turbografx-16 at CES 1993:

Turbografx-16 Lineup Promo Video (Laserdisc) -

Turbografx-16 on Total Panic:

TurboGrafx TurboDuo VHS Promo Video:

Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys anime promo:

Utilities and Tools

240p-test-suite HomePage:

240p-test-suite Downlods:


Hucard Rom Converter:



PCEmon RS-232 (serial) Monitor / Debugger (covell):

PCEngine/TurboGrafx Offline Catalog HucardCD (With Updates 1-3):

PCEngine/TurboGrafx Offline Catalog Hucard:

TOC Read:

TurboRip (Latest Version):

uCON64 - Emulator's Swiss Army knife:


End of PCE links for now!  :D

Bonus Link:

MS-DOS Games in your Browser

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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #4 on: March 28, 2011, 12:30:06 PM »
Holy crap-gasm, Batman. Have enough free time? Also, thanks for the great links  ; )
<a href="" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">My meager PC Engine Collection so far.</a><br><a href="" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">PC Engine Software Bible</a><br><a href="" c


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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2011, 06:58:38 AM »
Thanks for the feedback Spenoza :)

Here are a few more:

Development Information Resource:

Tool-Assisted Speedruns (TASes):
Credit to: spenoza

chrismcovell April Fool 2011:
chrismcovell April Fool 2011 Making:

NEC Power Console:


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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #6 on: April 07, 2011, 10:33:25 AM »
Nice Addition

PC Engine Guide 1993 (UK - Fanzine Style Publication):


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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #7 on: April 07, 2011, 02:46:21 PM »
I'll have to check those sites out some time :)


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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #8 on: April 07, 2011, 03:16:10 PM »
Yeah SuperPlay is doing a great job here. I like to thank him at this place :)
the home of your individual PC Engine collection!!
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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #9 on: April 12, 2011, 09:29:34 AM »
Thanks for the great feedback :-)

Another link added

Wii Virtual TG16 games:


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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #10 on: April 15, 2011, 11:33:13 AM »
2 More Dev Links:

Devlo Books (About):

Magic Kit (download link at bottom of page):


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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #11 on: April 16, 2011, 07:34:44 AM »
More Today:

3-in-1 USA Demo CD for TG16:

Turbografx-16 at CES 1993:

Turbo Grafx in Print (

And a few scans that I have made:

Marble Madness - Marukatsu 93 Vol 01:

Off the wall - Marukatsu 93 Vol 01:


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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #12 on: April 29, 2011, 08:51:44 AM »
Few more:


PC Engine Fan:

Cheats / Game Guides:

Vnotesonline (Gameguides):

Game Fan Sites:

Solomans Keys / Zipang:

YS Utopia:

Manual and Replacement Docs:

TG16 The Missing CD Case Covers - (Right hand of page):


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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #13 on: May 01, 2011, 07:31:52 AM »
LaserActive (laserdiscarchive):

LaserActive Details (videogameconsolelibrary):

LaserActive (Wikipedia):

LaserActive Mueseum:

and I know it is not yet Christmas but ;-)

A Pat the NES Punk Christmas:


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Re: Useful Web Links
« Reply #14 on: May 11, 2011, 06:56:31 AM »
Added a few links regarding "HiTen Bomberman"

Credit to (gigaDrive)

Hi-Ten Bomberman - 1993 High Definition System

Credit to: ASSEMblerEX