Author Topic: various goodies for sale google checkout/money orders only  (Read 146 times)


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More games will be added prices include shipping. Combined shipping available. Moreover, don't be afraid to make offers.

I want your sexy dsi(s) and dsxl(s) and don't wanna pay cash for them . so the next best thing is cibs/cics or hard to find /rare/hot carts  here is what i have so far
Carts Only                       cib cic                         
ghost lion                        laser invasion
bomber man 2               advanced d&d pool of radiance( No foam)
kickle cubicle                  conker's bad fur day
kirby the crystal shards            mario party 1 (as soon as i get a cart for the box)

playstation one completes

resident evil 2

quake ii

silent hill

the next tetris

mega man 8

resident evil survivor

medievil ii         
xevious 3d/g+

sim theme park
bomberman 2 cart only $35.00 shipped
Dragon's lair sealed NFR $55.00 shipped
Retrogen system(portable Genesis/Megadrive) brand new system work great plays both Genesis and mega drive games comes boxed with usb charging cable and av cables to play the unit on tv $45.00 shipped
Playstation 1 all discs are in excellent condition unless noted

silent hill ps1 greatest hits disc is in excellent condition $20.00 shipped

resident evil 2 black label disc and booklet and case art are in excellent condition $20.00 shipped

Medievil II $20.00 shipped

Quake II $20.00 shipped

Worms (disc has scratches and plays fine) $14.00 shipped

Planet of the Apes sealed (make me an offer)

mega man 8 anniversary edition $14.00 shipped

nintendo 64
legend of zelda majora's mask cart and booklet in n64 rental case $23.00 shipped

conker's bad fur day cib $65.00 shipped
Sega Genesis/Megadrive

The Super Shinobi II for the mega a complete beautiful piece $30.00 shipped

splatterhouse 3 (case and cart no booklet) $27.00 shipped

El Viento cart with writing on it and case with faded artwork $14.00 shipped

Valis 3 cart only $13.00 shipped

mutant league hockey cib $27.00 shipped

lemmings cib $16.00 shipped

vay disc and booklet only. disc has scratches but plays fine booklet has folds at the bottom right hand corner $27.00 shipped

wild woody complete disc is in great condition $30.00 shipped