Author Topic: FS or FT my Peachboy Super Guide Book  (Read 86 times)


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FS or FT my Peachboy Super Guide Book
« on: July 18, 2011, 12:19:40 PM »
EDIT: trade for... PC-genjin1 or 2, Operation Wolf, Jackie Chan, Batman, Mashin Eyuden, Lemmings, BloodyWolf-JPN version, Alice In Wonerdream, Art of Fighting, Kabuki Itouryoudan, PCengine-multitap, cash or let me know what you want to trade. For the more expensive games Im seeking, I can add cash to the trade to make it even.
Guide Book description-
title - Peachboy Legend II The Devil Strikes Back

This is a Super Guide Book for Peachboy Momotaro. It is published specifically for the pc-engine. It is 119 color pages with animation, color photos and fold-out map. It is in almost near mint condition. It looks like it has never been read. No page creases and the spine is not creased at all. I would rate it at a 9 out of 10 condition.

The book includes a registration card, pink glossy dust cover and what appears to be a glossy green obi for a book. The book cover is white when you remove the green obi and the pink dust cover. See pics.

Sometimes I buy too many things...So I would like to sell or trade. I would trade for pc-engine platform adventure game. Or let me know what you would like to trade. I'm open to almost anything NEC related. PM me or post here. I'm located in U.S. and would like to keep trade in the U.S. to keep shipping costs down but I will consider international shipping. Thanks.

Dust cover, obi, and registration card.

Nice color photos at begining of each chapter/level.

many pages of character power levels.

The rear cover of the book. CD (not included) is shown for size comparison.
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