Author Topic: Yo yo yo yo, make mah muthaf**kin' video!  (Read 87 times)


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Yo yo yo yo, make mah muthaf**kin' video!
« on: September 02, 2008, 08:03:07 AM »
Oh boy, how can I forget these abominations. I own two of these believe it or not. One is the INXS one, which is the most boring, which is kinda sad, because INXS is the only good band of the 4 that were made, and even their entry in the series isn't good. The other one is Kris Kross, which is the funniest and most entertaining one, because you have the awesomely annoying BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYD PACKER! And no thanks to this laughably bad stuff, I got that Kris Kross song stuck in my head. This is ironic. The only good band of the 4 titles has a boring entry, and one of the other three has the most entertaining (in the wrong way) one. The INXS one has three songs from INXS' 1992 album, Welcome To Wherever You Are, and the only song I've tried is Heaven Sent, because that's really the only song from that album I like, and the other two are Not Enough Time and Baby Don't Cry, and these three songs aren't even among INXS' biggest hits. It's a good thing the band doesn't want their fans to remember this crap. The Kris Kross one also only has three songs:Jump (their only hit), Warm It Up, and I Missed The Bus. This one is so unintentionally hilarious, and of the people who call in to request what video of what song they want to see, this one is the funniest:

And they do that annoying little rap before the video starts which is so funny and so annoying at the same time.

I heard not too long ago that they were also gonna make a Guns N' Roses Make My Video disc. Imagine that. I wonder what GN'R songs they would've picked. It probably wouldn't even be among their best songs, just like the INXS one.

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