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Chit-Chat / Re: Noob Audits Are Due ;)
« Last post by vestcoat on Today at 10:39:37 PM »
Zeddy - yes, important to bust Keith out once in a while. Kinda bummed all of these kids buying Minis aren't going to be hazed in with him (guess Konami  couldn't renew the licensing rights). The Mini should have just one game, Keith Courage, with the other 57 being unlockables once it's beaten.

Hi Necro! Glad you're well. Most of my work dried up already, but my main sound job is still going.
I guess a few rolled off the line before the virus shut production down. Since they didn't have enough to satisfy U.S. preorders, they gave them to as "imports". Browse with Chrome to translate the site to English. Open google translate in another window and cut/paste anything that Chrome doesn't render into it. EMS shipping is super cheap so it's only slightly more than preordering in the U.S. I received mine in 2-3 days. Unbelievable.

So..... Yahoo Japan auctions?   :cook:
"The Wild" was sort of relevant 1990-2007, which was probably the last time I stumbled upon Turbo on the shelf. In a post-collector world, we need to redefine the term to include any website that's not ebay, Amazon, craigslist, or Facebook.
Chit-Chat / Re: Noob Audits Are Due ;)
« Last post by Necromancer on Today at 09:34:27 PM »
Vestcoat!  Quarantine in cornland is pretty laid back and mostly voluntary for my work, so I'm still going in until they force me out.

How you liking the mini, and how'd you get one early?  You're just in time for Hatris in Game of the Month!
Chit-Chat / Re: Noob Audits Are Due ;)
« Last post by ZEDDYSDEAD on Today at 09:30:14 PM »
I am an old face with a new coat of paint but never really posted much back like 15+ years ago. Joined up expecting some great Turbo talk but seems like a dead forum :(. Anyways, no quarantine for me, I am an essential employee baby. That said, I have gone back to my very first Turbo game Keith Courage to kill time in the evenings. I know it isn't the best but I just love the music. So nostalgic. I might splurge on a copy of Final Lap Tein in the near future. Looks like great fun.
Chit-Chat / Noob Audits Are Due ;)
« Last post by vestcoat on Today at 09:05:06 PM »
Hi folks! Nice to see some old faces here. I've been playing Pool of Radiance and TG Mini. But enough about me, how are YOUR quarantines going?
I am not sure if this is the specific part you need but 3d printing seems quite a good idea (investigate for stronger materials than PLA, maybe):
Hi all,

I hope you are all well during these crazy days.

I am very happy about my Pc Engine GT modded LCD screen and it also features a video output.
I would like to complete the work and get the signal out of the case (the wires are ready) but I would like to choose a solution that is not invasive drilling the case or ruining in an irreversible way the existing ports.

I know that someone was able to do a mod that will allow the audio exit on the GT to output also video (using this kind of cable: ) but I would love to have more details about how to do it because while I can solder and I am mildly confident with modding I am not really an expert.

If you can suggest how to tackle this with some detailed steps or also (this would be dream) one or two pictures I'd be very happy and grateful.
This would indeed keep me busy and entertained for a bit during the quarantine.

Stay healthy and stay safe!

TG-16/TE/TurboDuo Discussion / Re: Game of the Month: April 2020 - Hatris
« Last post by Necromancer on April 06, 2020, 02:21:54 AM »
I'm never done with Harris!  For a quick bit of fun, I like to fire it up at stage 9 and shop 5, or I'll go for top score and start at stage 4 and shop 5.

I've not put any real effort into figuring out the score mechanics, other than burning everyone to see if you get a big bonus (you don't).  I know you get a few points for dropping hats faster, and I assume you get more points for clearing sets of 'more advanced' hats or for clearing two sets of hats with one pair, but my only real scoring strategy is to clear hats and get to the next stage.

By the way, the shop removes hats from the play field, giving you some breathing room if you need it; new hat types are added automatically based on your stage.  I rarely ever have a hat sale, instead choosing pass each time.
Please do not enter me, but +1 karma for the raffle! Hopefully everyone is still COVID19 safe!
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