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Repair and Modification Guides
« on: February 16, 2016, 03:16:51 AM »
Welcome to the catchall sticky for all your repair, mod, and upgrade needs.  :mrgreen:

Repair Guides: Capacitor Repairs and Replacement Charts

   REPAIR GUIDE - Laseractive NEC PAC-N1 / N10: Total capacitor replacement chart
   REPAIR GUIDE - PC Engine LT: Total capacitor replacement chart
   REPAIR GUIDE - Super CDROM2: Total capacitor replacement chart
   REPAIR GUIDE - TG-CD: Total capacitor replacement chart + useful info
   REPAIR GUIDE - TurboDuo: Sound Fix
   REPAIR GUIDE - TurboDuo/PC Engine Duo: Total capacitor replacement chart
   REPAIR GUIDE - TurboExpress/PC Engine GT: Video Fix
   REPAIR GUIDE - TurboExpress: Sound Fix
   REPAIR GUIDE - TurboExpress: Total capacitor replacement chart

Repair Guides:  Laser Swaps and Adjustments

   REPAIR GUIDE - TG16 CD/PCE CD laser swap guide (pictorial)
   REPAIR GUIDE - TurboDuo/PC Engine Duo/R/RX: Laser Swap & Adjustment Guide
   REPAIR GUIDE - Super CD-ROMĀ² Pot Adjustment Guide
   REPAIR GUIDE - Repair of broken guide rail plastic thingy in CD-ROM add-ons
   Laundry List of Sources for Optical Unit used by TG-CD and PCE CD-ROM^2

Modification Guides:  Video Upgrades

   MOD GUIDE - Universal RGB-to-YPbPr/Component Circuit & Mod [8/24/2014]
   MOD GUIDE - PAL TurboGrafx to NTSC Mod
   MOD GUIDE - PC Engine 'Jail Bar' Video Noise Fix (by Tim W)
   MOD GUIDE - Original PC Engine (White) RGB Amp Installation & Overhaul Guide

Modification Guides:  Save RAM Upgrades

   BRAM upgrade hack
   FRAM Duo Mod


   REPAIR GUIDE - TurboExpress: A/C Adapter Fix
   REPAIR GUIDE - TurboExpress: Battery Tray/Connectors
   MOD GUIDE - Homemade converters
   MOD GUIDE - PSOne LCD mod for the turbografx/pce system
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